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Friday, 4 November 2016

Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs Part 23

pak study mcqs, pak mcqs with answer
The page where are you going to get the Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs. These all questions will help you in every test preparation. You know the Pak Study MCQs is compulsory in every test. If you prepare well this section you can get easily good marks in test. The following i have get from different reliable sources and try to share unique, important, and true information which useful for all student. These all information is good for general purpose. read and share with other's to help in test preparation.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Islamiat MCQs Part 25

islamiat mcqs with answer, islamiat past papers
The page where are you going to get the Islamiat MCQs. After a long today i am going to share with you the Islamiat MCQs which are given in many test. These all mcqs i have get from past papers and i am focused to share the true and informative information which will help you student in every test preparation. I hope you like and the following mcqs help you to boost your knowledge skills. We are adding new questions daily you can find here all subjects mcqs for all test preparation.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Current Affairs MCQs Part 26

current affairs mcqs, current affairs mcqs with answer
The page where are you going to get the Current Affairs MCQs. The following all questions will help you in all test preparation of exams and jobs, admission test. I have focused to share unique and important information which help student in test preparation. Some of mcqs I have get from past papers. The Current Affairs MCQs is very important section in test preparation. Because ten percent mcqs given from Current Affairs MCQs so if you well prepare this section than you get high marks. The Pak MCQs is providing all subjects mcqs for all test preparation our aim is to help student in test preparation online.

251. Mc Mohan Line is located between?
A. India and Pakistan
B. China and Pakistan
C. China and India
D. None of them

252. Wall Street is situated in the city?
A. London
B. Paris
C. New York
D. Toronto

253. Name the country with the largest natural gas reserves?
A. India
B. Canada
C. Italy
D. Russia

254. SAARC was formed in Dhaka on?
A. Nov 7, 1984
B. Oct 8, 1985
C. Sep 5, 1986
D. Dec 8, 1985

255. Red cross was founded by?
A. J.H Durant
B. Baden Powell
C. Try gave Lie
D. Frederick

256. Alexander the Great was the king of?
A. Macedonia
B. Serbia
C. Montenegro
D. Greece

257. Sigmund Freud is a psychiatrist, belonged to?
A. Germany
B. Austria
C. England
D. Australia

258. Pentagon is the military head quarter of?
C. Russia
D. China

259. Which city is called “City of Seven Hills”?
A. Himalayas
B. Rome
C. Venue
D. None of these

260. Association of South-East  Asian Nations (ASEAN) was established on?
A. Aug 8, 1967
B. Aug 25, 1967
C. Aug 19, 1967
D. None of theme

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

General Knowledge MCQs Part 25

general knowledge questions, general knowledge mcqs, pdf
The page where are you going to get General Knowledge Questions. I have already posted the hundreds of MCQs. You will find here the basic to advanced level multiple choice questions. The following General Knowledge Questions will help you in exams and admission and jobs employment test. I have try to share to unique and important information and true information. You can download our General Knowledge PDF book where you will find the all five hundred most important General Knowledge Questions. Soon I will create all subjects pdf and my aim is to help student in test preparation. If you have any questions and suggestion please comment below or contact us.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Computer MCQs Part 23

computer mcqs with answer
Hello! How are you? I hope you’ll fine and after a long time today’s I am going to share with you the Computer Science MCQs. I have also share hundreds of mcqs. Computer MCQs is very important in test preparation. The computer operator, junior and senior clerk, computer lab assistant and other jobs computer is compulsory and the 20% mcqs given from computer mcqs. The follow all question are important for exams like Bcs and other degrees. So If you prepare well this section you can get high marks. If you have any questions just comment below! For regular updates like our Facebook Page.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Economics MCQs PDF

economics mcqs, economics mcqs pdf, economics mcqs with answer
Hi, how are you? hopefully you'll fine today i am going to share with you the Economics MCQs. The Economics is a social science concerned with the factors that determine the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. So in this page you will find the Economics MCQs. In this pdf you will find the 200 most important questions. these all question i have get from different reliable sources and some of from past papers mcqs. i hope you like this and they will help you in any exams, admission and jobs/employment test.

Economics MCQs

These all question very helpful for all jobs, admission test and exams. This all question starting from basic to advance level mcqs. The all question I have divided into 10 chapter and the answer is given in the end of chapter and every chapter has 20 questions available. These mcqs will help you in subjects specialist and lecturer job. My aim was to place all Economics MCQs at one place so I have get hundreds mcqs of economics with answer after downloading this you will find all basic to advance level question. This is Volume 1 and Volume 2 will be upload soon on this page keep visiting.

For regular updates like our Facebook Page and follow us to Get Free MCQs on Mobile. The thousands of mcqs available now in our website. We are providing all subjects mcqs.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

How To Download Data From PakMCQs

how to download mcqs, notes, pdf mcqs, books,
Hi, how are you hopefully you'll fine in this post we are going to learn How to Download Data , MCQs, PDF File from PakMCQs. Some day's ago i have shared the General Knowledge PDF book. and many students email, inbox, me to how to download this pdf file. some are saying download link is not working. So i have decide to create one video for to download data from here. and kindly for your information i will host all files on Media-fire because it's fast and easy download files and without waiting you can download files with high speed. 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

General Knowledge PDF MCQs

general knowledge pdf, general knowledge question, general knowledge mcqs
Hi, How are you. I hope you’ll fine today’s I am going to share with you the General Knowledge PDF. General Knowledge Questions are very important in Test Preparation of Exams, Admission and Jobs Employment Test. In every test the twenty percent MCQs are given from Gk. So you know the importance of Gk in Test. The great chance for student to prepare this Multiple Choice Questions to boost their knowledge skills. I have received lots of Emails, Massages to create MCQs PDF books and it’s printable. So I have start new series of PDF MCQs soon will be upload the others subjects MCQs PDF.  After a hard work I have create the General knowledge PDF. I get this MCQs from different reliable sources and try to share true information. So in the end i done and happy to share this informative multiple choice question PDF file with you. Because all question very useful and help you in exams and test to get high marks in Test. Like our Facebook Page to get regular updates and follow Us to Get Free MCQs on Mobile

General Knowledge PDF

In this pdf the question are starting from 501 to 1000 because we are also share General Knowledge Questions on our website. You can read 1 to 500 mcqs. I have hard work on this pdf to create useful content for student. I hope you like &  promote this and share with your friends to help in test preparation. This is volume 1 and volume 2 soon will be available on our website. Keep visiting

General Knowledge Questions

The reliable source to get high marks in exam and test. It is a very important scoring section in exams, admission and jobs test. you can easily score marks in this section if you are well prepared
The preparation can be easily compared to the other’s subjects. Easier them to remember for lifetime. And it’s also good for general information. These all question will boost your knowledge skills. I hope you like this General Knowledge PDF Books!. If you are facing any problem in downloading just comment below or Contact Us